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[ Stolen Van Register ]

Data Regarding the selected Item:

Caravan Details:
Make: Caravan
Model: Mini Camper
Year of Manufacture: 1977
Type: Pop top
Number of Axles: N/A
Date Stolen: 22 NOVEMBER 2013
Stolen From: 131 Pine Avenue, South Brighton, Christchurch
Registration: 79ERX
Chassis No: 242/10773
Description & Notable Characteristics:
1. Extra long pop top 5 meters approx.
2. When down white roof, side view is half bright blue and half mustard yellow
3. Metal silver Tool box bolted at the front, if been taken off will leave wholes in the steel tow bar area where it was attached

Police Station Reported to:
Suburb/Town: Christchurch
State: South Island
Report No: 131122/9227
Officer Name: Ian

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