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Caravan Details:
Make: Windsor
Model: Windcheater
Year of Manufacture: 1987
Type: Caravan
Number of Axles: Single
Date Stolen: 12 MAY 2013
Stolen From: Sunshine Melbourne
Registration: P26314
Chassis No: 00000000
Description & Notable Characteristics:
1. Homemade shower
2. Had a $2000 Deisel heater installed , it had an intake Inch and a half PVC pipe near the door and exhaust at rear
3. pump in tin toolbox for water and filter under sink,sink was raised.single bed as shower took double bed space.
4. had a small TV arieal on left side centre and a mobile phone antenna on the rear of left side
5. Had square tinted aluminium house windows Purpleish colour , Caravan was a light brown with dark brown strips
6. Had an extra airconditioner installed in the back wall.Having an inbuilt on already in it.
7. Gas stove
8. fridge had been moved to abopve some cuboards which covered the diesel tank for the heater
9. had an entertainment centre down the back near the shower
10. the bed was next to the left hand front window

Police Station Reported to:
Suburb/Town: Sunshine
State: VIC
Report No: 0000000000
Officer Name: Michael

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