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Data Regarding the selected Item:

Caravan Details:
Model: 13 FT
Year of Manufacture: 1977
Type: Caravan
Number of Axles: Single
Date Stolen: 10 OCTOBER 2009
Registration: 1572F
Chassis No:
Description & Notable Characteristics:
1. Old style Retro white caravan with bright Karatane yellow paintwork in moulded band around windows also has extra moulded strip 3/4 away along the sides going from front to back. The paintwork is in very poor condition with overspray showing through above the windows.
2. The caravan was in the process of a complete refit. After total gutting of all cabinetry, wiring and wall linings she has been completely rewired for 12V and 24V power with TV cabling installed. Polystyrene insulation was installed and exposed where the highgloss white ceiling panels had not been completely fitted. The walls were 90% complete in domestic wet wallboard in "sand" colour.
3. The side window next to the door had been removed for the purpose of fitting the last sheet of wallboard.
4. The underside and drawbar had been spray painted with black rustproof paint.
5. The flashings above the side windows had been removed

Police Station Reported to:
Suburb/Town: Newmarket, Auckland
State: North Island
Report No: P 004372878
Officer Name: unknown

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