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950kg sounds too light?

Posted By:Garth
Hello you two. 950kg sounds too light for a 16ft Viscount?

Weight Distribution (WDH) helps put all the wheels of the whole rig in better contact with the road surface.

Spring bars x2 are part of the WDH system.

Friction sway control in its Hayman Reese form, is a sliding bar which can be adjusted as required to limit tail wagging in the caravan.

There is also a proactive cam product which gets in first and keeps the caravan straight.

Then there is Electronic Stability Control (ESC) which is from AL-KO and is now the Bee's Knees with safety conscious caravan builders.

Some real tow vehicles have various forms of trailer stability towing control loaded into their computers. Jeep Grand Cherokee is one example.  Garth