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Viscount Nipper

Posted By:Bosun
Gday folks,

Were long time caravanners who have been away from it for a short while due to some health problems, but were back now and about to collect a pre-loved 10or 11 1988 Viscount Nipper on Monday of next week.

This little beauty is in excellent condition, and was obviously very much loved by the previous owners. It comes with single beds, which is what we wanted, and one bed has to ability to convert to a two seater dinette, if required.

Its rather unique in that its not a rear entry, but has the door on the side at the back.

It doesnt have a screen door, and Im wondering if any of the Viscount Nipper experts out there can tell me if there was ever one available as an option? The door is rounded at the top and the bottom.

Were having a roll out awning fitted to it next week, and will convert the two way fridge to a three way.

Also, how many other Viscount Nipper owners are members of this forum?

Cheers, John.