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23 Jan 2013 - Bike racks for double ended Rapid
29 Dec 2012 - installing Battery into rapid RA 471
13 Dec 2012 - how long to charge battery at caravan park
30 Sep 2012 - Tow Ball Weight or GTW of Windcheater 16'6
10 Sep 2012 - water tanks
31 Jul 2012 - Windsor Caravans De-Registered
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Anything said here must be for the good of all concerned

Hello all. As your Moderator I need to make the rules of use for this Public Forum completely clear so we can all get the best results from sharing information.

We support anything which is said in these forums which is fair comment based in and supported by personal experience.

Obviously I do not support anything posted which is not substantiated and intended to be for the good of all concerned.

Every attempt is made to Moderate comments made within these Public Forum Rules but GoSeeAustralia.com.au GoSeeNewZealand.co.nz and Contact Internet Solutions Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for personal opinions which may be posted here from time to time.

I will delete any comment which is not based in fact. In particular no attacks will be allowed on any person or company for any reason.

I know you will all understand that it is in everyones best interest that the Public Forums remain a place to make fair comment about caravanning.

To protect users and prevent malicious comment you must sign up as a forum user to post messages and replies. By signing up your email address is validated but not published and you can select your own "posting alias" or "user name". Your details are secure as GoSeeNewZealand will not release any personal details or email address to any third party, refer to our Privacy Policy.

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Garth Morrison
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Garth Editor