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Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008

Now GoSee Products & Services lists helpful options when pets need care while you travel

Mandy says you can"t be too careful when you leave home
Mandy says you can't be too
careful when you leave home

By Agnes Hellwig

For those of us that have pets, planning holidays and/or extended travel can be a problem.

While many caravan/tourist parks now accept dogs at least with site bookings (we list them all on GoSeeAustralia) and a few even in cabins, there are also many towns where pet friendly accommodation is hard to find.

If you are planning to visit a National Park, pets are not allowed, if the weather is hot you cannot leave them in the car while you visit attractions, or take a tour. So what are the alternatives?

Due to overwhelming demand GoSeeAustralia now has introduced a new category under Products and Services to help with alternative pet care while traveling, and also in the event that you do not want to take your pet with you.
I am so happy with the accommodation add-ons
I am so happy with the accommodation add-ons

We list a variety of services such as:

Boarding Kennels & Catteries: Many offer day care services together with overnight and long term accommodation.

House sitters: This is a service whereby someone will stay at your house while you are away, walk and feed your pets, feed the fish, water the plants, look after the mail etc. As an example see Happy House Sitters

Pet minders: 
For those that want their dog looked after in a home environment, Pet Minders will look after your dog in their own home.

Your dog will be welcomed into the home of a dog lover where it will get lots of pats and cuddles and will be happy and content. In most cases you have the opportunity to meet the carer to make sure you are happy with them and the environment they will be kept in.
And I get a games room too
And I get a games room too

This service is ideal for dogs are that are used to living indoors. Examples of this service are Don’t Fret Pet, Doggy Sleepovers and TopDog Minders.

Also included in this category are other helpful services such as: Dog Walkers, Pet Care Products, Pet Talk Radio and more, including DOG-E-DATA which is a private national Tag & Photo ID system for dogs and operates separately from council registration or microchipping requirements.

Their large, highly visible bright yellow nylon disc tags are your dogs chance to call home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should they stray from your home, car or caravan.

We have done our best to list services in most states and areas, and the list will be updated regularly. If you have used a service that you are happy with and is not currently listed send us an email, and or share the information on our Forum.

If you operate a service contact us on 1800 605 198 for a listing and possible advertising opportunties.

To find this category:
Whats this I hear about boarding kennels
Whats this I hear about boarding kennels

Click this link Products & Services  or from our  Home Page menu. It is on the left.

Scroll down to the map and choose your state.

Click on the Pet Services, Kennels etc category. There are already five pages. Click Next top right to shift pages. Pets can even meet the Furry Godmother in Darwin, NT.

Where you see the round Info button to the left of the name, click on this to see more information on the business.

To contact the business click on the phone, email or website link below the name and address.

Here  is a Special Summer Pets  care feature courtesy of 4Legs Pet food.


Part 1 - Heat Issues

In summer  it is important to be aware of the impact of hot weather on your pets.

Dogs and cats will modify their behaviour to minimise the effect of hot conditions, so you may notice that your pets are less active and seek out cool areas when things get uncomfortably warm.

Heat Stroke

Dogs and cats rely mainly on panting to keep cool.

Panting causes evaporative cooling, as air is forced in and out of the airways over the moist tongue.

This is a less efficient cooling method than sweating, and pets can suffer from potential fatal heat stroke in certain circumstances.
Travel scares me to death so I am happy to board out
Travel scares me to death so I am happy to board out

Older, overweight animals are more vulnerable to the heat than their younger, slimmer counterparts and, thick-coated or short-faced breeds (such as Boxers or Pugs) are at greater risk than shorthaired or longer faced breeds.

Unfortunately, owners can unthinkingly cause problems for their pets in hot weather.

Probably the greatest cause of heat stroke in pets is confinement in parked cars.

Never leave your pet alone in a parked car in summer, even if you have left a window slightly open.

The temperature inside a parked vehicle can quickly rise to dangerous levels (this also applies to kennels located in unshaded areas).

Another common cause of heat stroke in dogs is overexertion. Dogs will push themselves beyond their limit if encouraged to do so by their owners. Do not force your dog to run beside you as you ride along on your bicycle, and don’t initiate an extended game of fetch on a blazing summer’s day.

Signs of heat stroke include:

intense panting

glazed eyes

rapid heartbeat

lack of coordination.
Honestly darling there was only one bed  and this not as it seems
Honestly darling there was only one bed and this not as it seems

If you observe these symptoms, take the following steps to gradually lower your pet’s body temperature:

Immerse your pet in a basin of cool water or use a hose to spray the animal, making sure that you thoroughly wet the chest, belly and inside the legs.

Allow your pet to drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubes.

Seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible.

Other hot weather issues worth remembering:

Dogs and cats don’t wear shoes, so hot concrete or asphalt (often sticky on the

hottest days) can burn their paws.

Dogs and cats can get sunburn, particularly round the eyes, ears and nose.

Sunblock can be used, but make sure it is designed for use on pets.

Part 2 - Food Issues

There are several important food-related issues that pet owners need to consider during the summer months.
Ahhh there is nothing as relaxing  as time away from home
Ahhh there is nothing as relaxing as time away from home

Reduced Appetite

Dogs and cats will tend to eat less and drink more during periods of hot weather. 

As discussed in Part 1, pets tend to be less active in the heat, so less energy is used and in turn, less food is required. 

So, a reduced appetite is not usually a problem. However, it is worth making sure that a highly palatable, good quality food is fed when the weather is hot, particularly if your pet is underweight or prone to weight loss.

Fresh Meat

Fresh meat-based pet foods, such as 4legs Home Cooked products should be treated just like fresh meat-based products intended for human consumption. 

Fresh products will spoil in hot weather! 

Do not purchase fresh pet food products in the morning then leave them in the boot of a hot car all day, before putting them in the fridge in the evening. Also, do not add fresh product to food bowls that still contain uneaten food from a previous meal. 

For Information Articles please click the Travelling With Pets links under the Pet Friendly logo on the bottom left of the Home Page. 


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For more information
contact: Garth Morrison
Editor Go See Australia and Go See New Zealand Directory
Absence  makes the heart grow fonder
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Cattery for me. He is planning another trip
Cattery for me. He is planning another trip
Come on dad you said you would play when you got home from work
Come on dad you said you would play when you got home from work
This is my patch and that makes me Top Dog
This is my patch and that makes me Top Dog
Seal - what makes you think I look like a seal
Seal - what makes you think I look like a seal
I know I planted that bone here somewhere
I know I planted that bone here somewhere

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