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Friday, 10 Nov 2006

Sleepy GoSeeAustralia's sub editor cat talks about travelling with your pet

Travel scares Sleepy to death
Travel scares Sleepy to death

Hello everybody I am Sleepy, I am Chief Sub Editor Cat on GoSeeAustralia and GoSeeNewZealand. I get special care when I travel.

My friends TV Vet Dr Harry Cooper and Dr Hugh Worth of the RSPCA understand when I say I can’t handle the environment when it moves around me.

It just scares me to death!

So if I have to travel I must have a really secure carry basket which locks safe.

The carry baskets I prefer are made of plastic and wire.

Cane versions may look more inviting but the door can be hard to secure.

When we travel I insist that my Humans stow the carry basket safely behind a seat so I can’t see anything moving.

My Humans just don’t hear the terrifying things I do.

I am always on high alert and scared that if I lose my Humans in a strange place I will never find my way home again.

There are not many cats that like travel and I would just as soon stay at home.

Both Dr Harry and Dr Hugh say that cats will cope with short trips but not longer journeys.

As you know finding safe accommodation for a nervous cat in an unfamiliar caravan park is difficult.

Literals, literals, the Editor is getting slack
Literals, literals, the Editor is getting slack

My Humans understand they are completely responsible for my well-being when I travel.

They make sure I am always secure, not just to protect me, but to make sure that birds and native animals are safe too.

As some caravan parks are right next to National Parks and other areas of natural significance my Humans always check that I am welcome if I have to travel.

Here  is what my friend Dr Harry Cooper says about us cats -

Cats are anti social animals and get the “Cat Mads”, Harry says. Despite their ability to sleep for up to 80 per cent of the day. The “Mads” are part of the cat’s routine and often kick in around 3pm and 5pm. So clear the way, says Harry, when they hit puss is up and away on the exercise trail.

It is essential that the cat’s routine be accommodated.

Harry and his wife breed cats. He says the Asiatics with their dog like characteristics may well make the best travellers with training, but it is a matter of patience and kindness to get them keen on the idea. Generally cats are not good on the road, he said.

This means that as they are more than likely to feel insecure a really good cat carry case is a must. He says that if a frightened cat bolts in a strange environment it is unlikely to come back.

This should always be considered when deciding whether to take pets on holidays, he said. Boarding prices range from “basic” to “exotic” but the decision about boarding should be made after testing what is best for the animal, he said.

Cats can be trained to walk on a lead, Harry says. His method is time and patience based. Starting with allowing the cat to become familiar with a cord and then progressing to a collar with the cord attached and then finally, over time, to maybe a sock with a small amount of sand in it tied to the cord so the cat gets used to the idea of “weight” attached to the collar.

There comes a day, says Harry, when the owner can pick up the cord/lead and walk the cat. 

Regards Sleepy

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