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Tuesday, 8 Mar 2016

Effective drinking water hose is an on the road essential says GSA's full-time travellers

New brass fittings produce reliable drinking hose performance.
New brass fittings produce
reliable drinking hose performance.

The GoSeeAustralia caravan's drinking water hose is very important according to our full-time travellers Pam and Alan. They expect the hose to perform perfectly at every stop while travelling and living on the road.

"The hose gets coiled up, placed in its bag and rattles along on the caravan 'A' frame when travelling, then at the next site, it is thrown out onto the ground, clicked onto whatever size tap is provided and that is it", Alan says.

The hose can be taken for granted and expected to perform faultlessly, however it needs maintenance just like everything else in the 21ft Travelling Office.

Leaking connection
Leaking connection

Alan said that the sun, combined with water pressure, can cause the click fitting to burst and the best way to address the problem is to remove the small section at the end of the hose where it shows a slightly stretched area. The 'O' ring and plastic fitting may need replacing too.

Refit the connection taking care to ensure each of the black retaining lugs is not bent over and are in their correct position. Ensure the hose is pushed up into the fitting as far as possible before tightening the screw on section which helps to retain the fitting on the hose.

Alan says that it is important to be aware that a mismatch of fitting types and brands will eventually cause trouble one way or another and eventually blow apart or continue dripping.

"This wastes our precious resource", Alan said.

Alan says he is now using a quality brass tap and hose fitting set purchased at Mitre 10 for under $30.

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contact: Garth Morrison
Editor Go See Australia and Go See New Zealand Directory
Trim old hose ends
Trim old hose ends
Check the lugs
Check the lugs

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