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Thursday, 18 Feb 2016

Custom built approach can solve bike rack issues for caravans, campers or RV's

GSA Ranger power switches to pedals from caravan park sites.
GSA Ranger power switches
to pedals from caravan park

It is great to have bikes on board when travelling on a big trip or even a short break. It is a healthier option when getying around exploring new surroundings, meeting new people and bike riding an area can make a person more grounded and connected to the area. GoSeeAustralia's Alan and Pam are bike enthusiasts and really enjoy riding into a new town visiting shops, enjoying lunch and stopping to take a swim at the local pool. This is how they connect to an area, they are experts at touring towns on their bikes.

They bought two bikes to provide pedal transport for their GoSeeAustralia travelling office.

Alan's main concern was how to transport the bikes safely and securely without compromising their caravans load limits.

"There are many kinds of bike racks suited for use on a caravan, camper, roof rack or tow vehicle ball and all in differing price brackets" says Alan.

Alan and Pam initially opted for a double rack with Velcro straps fitted to the rear bumper of the caravan.

They thought it was a cheaper option until they had to have a special mount bracket manufactured to fit the bar. To compensate for the added weight right at the back of the towing rig they put some heavier items in the front boot of the caravan. It seemed to work and they noticed no adverse towing reactions.

According to Alan this approach was time consuming when loading and unloading bikes with a number of stretchy straps needed to hold the bikes stable while travelling.

Alan bikes to  Murray Darling Junction
Alan bikes to Murray Darling Junction

The bikes still rubbed together at times, which caused scratches to paintwork, and they noticed the front bike wheels spinning while travelling on the caravan unless they too, were secured separately says Alan.

Frustrated with their situation they pushed on until one day they made a "lucky stop" and found the bike rack had collapsed to a horizontal position and the bikes where almost dragging on the road. Had they not pulled up at the time they did they would have lost both bikes.

Luckily Alan and Pam found a welder willing to work on a Saturday morning and had the bracket straightened and strengthened. More costly but this setup was still not a solution.

Then at the next caravan park Alan and Pam visited, they found a caravan with two bikes mounted in a custom-built rack on the caravan A frame. The manufacturer was GripSport. A Melbourne Company which makes custom racks for caravans, campers and RV's throughout Australia.

Alan and Pam telephoned GripSport, booked their travelling office in for the installation and detoured to Melbourne. The bike rack was custom fitted on their caravans A frame above their caravan's two LPG bottles and storage mesh floor.

Heavy offroad option
Heavy offroad option

According to Alan and Pam this is the state of the art in bike racks for caravans. The bikes can be put on or taken off in 30 seconds. The rack fits on to the welded mount and can be padlocked, or removed when not in use. With the bikes off the rack Alan has full access to the caravan's front boot. The bikes are also securely lock chained, and there are no stretchy straps needed. Alan and Pam say GripSport has made travelling with bikes an easy cruise for them.

According to Alan the bikes can be seen in their ClearView towing mirror when they are travelling.

Acknowledgement: This Information Article is provided through the support of generous sponsor Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA Vic.). This support covers story research costs.

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Offroad camper rack
Offroad camper rack
Alan and Pam  Lake Anderson Caravan Park Chiltern, Victoria
Alan and Pam Lake Anderson Caravan Park Chiltern, Victoria

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