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Saturday, 13 Feb 2016

Top 10 road touring gadgets for your caravan and camping show shopping list

Anode near end of working life
Anode near end of working

Alan and Pam are a Victorian couple aged in the 55 - 65 bracket. As they have flexible employment with caravanning website they decided to go on the road, working and living in their caravan. Lets GoMakeSomeMemories while we can - no time limit, no restrictions, no ties was their decision.

Alan and Pam have made up this shopping list of 10 of the most used ‘gadgets’ they have on board and use at every camp site. Keep it handy for the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow at Melbourne Showgrounds this February 24-29.

GoSeeAustralia is happy to help with road touring questions at Melbourne Supershow information seminars on Wed. Feb 24 at 2.30pm. Thurs.Feb 25 at 2.30pm. Sat. Feb 27 at 3.30pm and Mon. Feb 29 at 11.30pm.

The GoSeeAustralia road touring website offers free information and resources to site users which include free forums, thousands of caravanning and camping articles, the unique data search resource, Multi-search, Trip Planner and the Park Finder which gives access to information on more than 2600 caravan parks and campsites in Australia.

Fridge remote sensor
Fridge remote sensor

The Seminar Room is near the Tourism Building and next to the Royal Block Café.

Here are Alan and Pam’s Top 10 gadgets for your caravan and camping show shopping list:

1. Aluminium Folding Step.

This a stable type of step to use.

Site conditions vary so one with adjustable legs provides the best stability.

Alan and Pam used a cheap plastic step which collapsed during the heat one particularly hot day.

2. Fridge Remote Sensor.

Alan and Pam have mounted a fridge temperature display next to the fridge in the caravan. It has a remote sensor which is positioned inside the fridge.

It is particularly useful especially when running the fridge on gas.

This little device has saved them on more than one occasion when the gas bottle is emptied or the pilot light has blown out in bad weather conditions.

3. Folding Table.

Alan and Pam use a white molded half-fold table for day-to-day use outside and also as a work desk.

They also have a small folding table to use for “happy hour” and it is handy if one person wants to move out from under the awning and read in the shade of tree.

EasyKlip is where the grip is needed.
EasyKlip is where the grip is needed.

4. EasyKlip and Banna Bungee straps.

These two products make life easier when securing a tarp.

The EasyKlip does not require any tools to attach it to a tarp or other material and the bungee straps are great for pegging down shade awnings, ends and side shades.

5. Happy Hooks.

These are a great little invention.

Just attach the hook to the awning roller and peg the rope and spring to the ground to help hold the awning secure in windy conditions.

6. Anti flap rolled awning bars.

Alan and Pam add these to their awning at every camp.

The bars help hold the awning taut and stop the awning from flapping in the breeze.

They also help with drainage and provide an additional track into which fit end awnings.

DreamPot provides meals when you are ready
DreamPot provides meals when you are ready

7. DreamPot.

Alan and Pam use one of these great cookers.

Just prepare a meal in the morning, bring it to the boil, simmer as per the recipe, and put it into the pot.

When it is time for dinner the meal is still hot and ready to enjoy. No more preparing. Washing up is minimal.

8. Weber Baby Q.

Alan and Pam use this for the majority of their external cooking.

They enjoy barbecues, roasts, pizza cooked on the Baby Q.

9. Tent Poles and Ropes.

Alan and Pam carry additional tent poles and ropes to put up the end or side shade awnings giving them more usable space.

10. A spare anode is a must.

A Sacrificial Anode in the system protects a Recreational Vehicle’s hot water service from rust.

Alan and Pam recommend the anode be changed every 2 – 3 years for normal holiday use or more like every 12 months if travelling full time.

If your storage hot water systems runs on electricity, gas or solar, it will contain a sacrificial anode. This is a highly reactive metal component which protects the system from corrosion.

Most hot water heaters use them to protect the tank and other components which spend most of their time immersed in water. As the name implies, the anode sacrifices itself to protect the rest of the hot water system. Most caravan HWS Anode's should be checked annually.

Their corrosion rate is also dependant on useage times and water quality. Corrosion (or rust) is the result of electrolytic action which travels through the water and reacts with the surface of the metal at risk. A sacrificial anode works by attracting electrolytes more strongly than the rest of the hot water system, keeping other system components out of harm’s way.

Here is how to handle the job:

The GSA travelling office caravan features a 15 litre Suburban HWS. First up, make sure the water is cold. Turn off water pump. Activate pressure release valve to release the pressure of the water inside. Using a 1 1/16" socket (or 27mm) on an extension driver, remove anode and inspect. If oxidised replace with a new one after allowing all sediment in the bottom of the hot water service tank to flush out. Ensure thread has been wrapped with plumbers tape to seal and prevent seepage.

Once finished make sure you fill your tank again before turning on HWS. A new annode can be purchased at any reputable caravan equipment store or dealer at a cost of around $20 - $25. Alternatively place it on your shopping list to buy at the next Caravan and Camping Show and grab a bargain! We carry a spare with us at all times

Acknowledgement – This Information Article is provided through the support of generous sponsor Caravan Industry Association of Victoria (CIA Vic.). This support covers story research costs.

It is because of sponsors like CIA Vic. that an extensive library of free Information Articles is available to help users Go Make Some Memories. Click to find road touring destinations two and three hours from Melbourne. Go Make Some Memories

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Alan does  big things with the capable Weber BabyQ
Alan does big things with the capable Weber BabyQ
GSA Ranger in Grampians at Glen Thompson.
GSA Ranger in Grampians at Glen Thompson.

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