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Wednesday, 15 Feb 2006

Pets welcome where you see this sign

Pets welcome where you see this sign
Pets welcome where you see
this sign

To help people touring with their pets GoSeeAustralia has placed a Pet Friendly Logo against pet friendly participating caravan parks.

Have pooch, will travel

Many more couples are travelling with small dogs when they go to see Australia.

That does not mean they are staying with their owners in cabins and other park on - site accommodation, but if guests arrive with their own caravan, to stay on a pre-booked caravan park site, dogs are often welcome by arrangement.

Generally caravan park managers prefer arrangements to be made in advance and park rules must be observed, he said.

Owners must accept responsibility for their dog. Obedient dogs can be controlled by voice, but owners must use a lead when required.

Caravan parks that welcome pets expect guests to attend to their pets toilet needs and clean up after them. Parks respond to owners who are thoughtful about the temperament and size of their pets and recognise that many people, often children, are afraid of dogs. This means dogs are not allowed in public areas like swimming pools.

Pets on holidaysFor owners travelling with dogs here are some basics:
  • Discuss your pet and its needs with the caravan park before you arrive.
  • Train your dog in elementary obedience and good manners.
  • Do not allow your dog to wander outside of your own site area.
  • Keep your dogs vaccinations up to date and make sure your dog is flea free.
  • Stop your dog barking, it offends.
  • If the dog must be on a leash, make sure it is.
  • Stop your dog wandering or scavenging.
  • Dont let your dog foul pavements, lawns, gardens, beaches, parks and camping areas.
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • You dog should wear its council registration and an additional ID with your name and phone number plus the address and phone number of a friend at home.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to stick their heads through car windows. As your pet will be in a strange environment micro chipping is recommended as permanent identification.
  • On a hot summer day a dog in a closed car can die in six minutes, the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals warns.
  • Never leave pets or children in an enclosed vehicle in warm weather. It is amazing how quickly heat can build up, even on overcast days.
  • If your dog is in the car park make sure your vehicle is in the shade and windows are open enough to ensure a strong airflow. Never leave your pet for long periods.
  • Never tie dogs near trailer edges or windows, hanging is a reality.Tie your dog up well clear of vehicles and make sure there is a continual supply of fresh water and shade.
  • Travelling dogs need regular walks. Dont let your pet wander around the vehicle. Apart from distracting the driver they can injure themselves and others if there is sudden braking or an accident. Dog seat belts are a sound investment in security and safety. Take clean, flea free bedding for your pet.

GoSeeAustralia with your dog but recognise no - go areas for your pet:

In Queensland while the state is noted for its heritage listed natural attractions National Parks are not open to pets, but some Queensland State forests and reserves allow pets on a lead. Only a handful of the State Forests allow camping with pets overnight.Guide dogs are permitted in national parks, conservation parks, State forests and forest reserves. Dogs are not permitted on some beaches in the Queensland marine parks, mainly to protect seabirds. Conditions vary across various marine parks. For example, there are constraints on dogs in the bird roosting areas of Moreton Bay National Park and some beaches at Bribie Island.

Pets like holidays with their familyNatural Queensland on 07 3227 8186 will give more details.

Queensland properties, which provide accommodation for pets, include a high percentage of caravan parks.

In Tasmania there are a variety of pet friendly caravan parks and the Spirit of Tasmania ships that connect the Mainland with Tasmania take dogs and cats voyaging.

They are housed in a well ventilated area of the Vehicle Deck in kennels. Owners do not have access but a security officer checks regularly. Dogs travelling from Melbourne must be treated for hydatids within 14 days of departure.

Spirit of Tasmania recommends no solids before or during the voyage. A long walk beforehand for dogs is suggested and a comforter. Something the animal is familiar with, perhaps a blanket, to provide familiarity. Tasmania has various Reserves throughout the island where dogs and owners can share the outdoors. These are mainly Forest Reserves (managed by Forestry Tasmania) as well as some Conservation, Coastal and Recreation Areas.

They should not be confused with the states protected National Parks or State Reserves. If you need to check call the nearest Parks and Wildlife Service District Office, or the relevant Local Government Council Offices. Reserves general information can be sourced from their website at

Dog-friendly areas can be found in the back of the free publication - Tasmanias National Parks, Forests & Waterways, available from the Tasmanian Visitor Information Network Centres, Spirit of Tasmania ferries and major National Parks.

Over the long distances of the Northern Territory a travel schedule should be followed for the safety, health and comfort of both you and your pet. This includes securing the animal in the vehicle. They are a lethal weapon if they are thrown around in an accident. It is especially important to tether a dog travelling on a tray or utility vehicle. In many areas of Australia tethering of an animal on a utility or tray vehicle is required by law, the RSPCA says. The Two Hour Rule should apply. Stop and give both you and your pet a break. Remember the hot car danger when carrying pets in the cabin. Parked vehicles rise rapidly in temperature. Once the animal gets to around 42 degrees C, core body temperature it is too late to save your dog. It is important for you and you pet to drink plenty of water. If active you and your pet will need additional water at regular intervals. Dont wait to feel thirsty before taking a drink! Dogs and cats cannot be taken into National Parks without a permit (available through Parks and Wildlife) throughout the Northern Territory. There is a range of dog kennels and catteries near most major towns. Local regional tourism associations are helpful or call the Northern Territory Tourism Commission (NTTC) Information HELPLINE on 13 30 68.

In South Australia Caravan parks are popular stopovers for touring pet owners.

Many caravan parks allow dogs on leashes, but it is best to always check with the park before arrival.

One typical park at Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley, has exercise space for pets on its 20 acres backed up by a reserve across the road. Pets come with their owners in their caravans and tents. They cannot stay in the parks accommodation. Some parks have pet good behaviour bonds. South Australia has seven categories of parks. These include Recreation Parks (RP) - areas managed for public recreation and enjoyment in a natural setting.
Generally these provide a place where dogs can be walked on a lead, a national parks officer said. There are local zoning anomalies so check before travelling. or phone 08 8204 9000

Dogs are not allowed into any of the SA National Parks with the exception of the Innamincka Regional Reserve (outside the Coongie Conservation Zone), where they must be on a lead at all times.

Outside National Parks, much of the land is private pastoral leases and while many property owners welcome pets on their property, it is advisable to seek permission from individual property owners.

Western Australia is a long-haul road marathon via the Nullarbor Plain for drivers travelling from Adelaide in the east, bound via the Eyre Highway for Perth.

Plan your trip carefully in the best interests of your own and your pets safety and comfort.

Have a break every two hours. Road conditions can be an issue particularly in the northwest in the Wet season in October through March.

Pre-planning can have positive results. For example in Scarborough there is a dog beach and also a park where dogs can be exercised.

In the northwest great distances are involved between destinations. In remote areas there are often no kennel options.

Pets are not allowed in National Parks so arriving without making arrangements for your pet will cause disappointment. There are also heavy fines if pets are found in National Parks.

But there are some areas of State Forest, water catchments and reserves where dogs can be walked.

Conservation and Land Management (CALM) baits foxes in State Forests and dogs should be kept on a lead for their own protection. Conservation Land Management Information Officers can be contacted on 08 9334 0333 or 08 9334 0437.

Victoria has a variety of caravan parks that offer a practical, caring approach to guest pets. Often they come as a pleasant surprise in a place you might not have thought of. For example Tongala is just a 15 minute drive from Echuca on the Victorian side of the NSW border. It is home to the  Golden Cow and the Nestle milk factory,

Tongala Caravan Park has well maintained affordable accommodation options, peace and quiet  and fresh air. There is lots of room for the kids to play, shady trees in the summer, and visitors can walk to the Town Center. Well behaved pets on leash are welcome.

The Golden Cow Dairy Education and Tourism Centre in Tongala presents a working, hands-on rundown of the dairy and associated agricultural industries. Visitors can watch milking sessions, cuddle young calves and tap into the history of the dairy industry, irrigation development, land care and techniques to combat the scourge of rising salinity in soil levels. Tongala also hosts an annual Tent Town Festival in March when artists and craftsmen gather to show their wares and to discuss the state of their art.

Tongala is a few minutes drive from Echuca and the Murray River, golf courses, clubs and watersports . On the other side at neighbouring Kyabram there is a fauna park. Shepparton is about half an hour’s drive away to the east and the Goulburn River is nearby.  Please mention GoSeeAustralia when you call! 

As is common to all states and territories National Parks are closed to pets, but near the Melbourne Metropolitan area there are 27 State Parks, Forests and Reserves where dogs can be walked on a lead, Parks Victoria says. This includes Albert Park, near the CBD, Westgate Park, Port Melbourne, Yarra Flats Park, Heidelberg and Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield.

The Parks and Wildlife Information Centre can be contacted on 13 19 63. Dogs are allowed in most of Victorias State forests. All dogs must be under control at all times and should not disturb wildlife or annoy other people. Guide dogs accompanying blind people can be taken into all National Parks and similar Conservation Reserves and State Forests. Dogs are permitted in cars only travelling on bitumen roads, which pass through national parks. 

How to Find GoSeeAustralia's Pet Friendly CaravanParks -

Tony and Helen from Tassie ask GoSeeAustralia –
Myself, my wife and our Jack Russell Terrier will be traveling later this year in our caravan. Would it be at all possible to obtain a list of pet friendly parks?
We will be traveling up through central Victoria, NSW (bypassing Sydney) to Brisbane . Returning NSW & Vic coast (bypassing Sydney) to Melbourne.
Kind Regards.
Tony & Helen

Ok Tony and Helen,
Go to GoSeeAustralia Advanced Search.
It is on the GoSeeAustralia Home Page on the left.
Click it.
It will open.
Click the Caravan Parks option and you will see a green dot come up.
Now in the state drop down box click the down arrow and click Victoria.
Click the Pet Friendly Box option. 
A green tick will come up.
In the Key Words: Knock in - Pet Friendly
Click Search.
You have all the Victorian caravan parks on GoSeeAustralia who have signed off with GoSeeAustralia as having a Pet Friendly Policy.
You will see there are  pages of Pet Friendly Parks.
For NSW and Qld follow the same process for each state.
Always call ahead and discuss Jacks needs.
I owned a Jack Russell for 14 years.
Since she died I have not been able to take on another dog of my own.
I guess that means I am almost a loyal as she was.
Let me know if we can help further.

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Garth Morrison, Editor

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