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Thursday, 22 Jan 2015

4x2 Ranger diesel choice steps away from long-term towing comfort zone

Alan and the 4x2 Ranger
Alan and the 4x2 Ranger

Editor's Note: GoSee tows its 2500kg, full-time on the road, caravan travelling office with a Ford Ranger XLT Super, P/U HR 3.2 diesel.

GoSee tows with a 4x2 2014 Ford Ranger XLT HI Rider Super Cab with 3.2lt diesel motor and six-speed automatic. It has sufficient room to carry all our possessions and is a capable towing vehicle. The Supercab was chosen because it allowed an extra 298 mm of load space along with 28kg extra load carrying capacity. We do not need the standard four door model.

The 4x2 is a rear-wheel drive Ranger. This brought a significant cost saving over a 4x4 version of about $A8000. After careful consideration we decided we used 4x4 infrequently and the Ranger fitted our needs in 4x2 form.

Ford says the Gross Combined Mass (GMC) for the Ranger XLT Super P/U HR 3.2 litre diesel is 6000kg. The Super Cab Ranger’s payload is 1176kg.

Care should be taken by buyers in establishing the actual GCM of the Ranger chosen. There are four GCM variations across diesel and petrol models in the 4x2 Specifications and Options supplied by Ford.

They range from a GCM of 5125kg to 6000kg. Ford says: “When loading vehicles, it is the operator’s responsibility to ensure: Weight of fully loaded vehicle does not exceed Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Front and rear individual axle load limits are not individually exceeded.

The combined weight of the fully loaded vehicle (including tow ball download when towing) and trailer does not exceed the Gross Combined Mass (GCM).

Payload is the combined value of occupants, luggage, cargo, additional options, accessories, added structures and tow ball download (when towing)”.

GoSee has long used 4WD’s for towing. The reasons include:

* Traditionally 4WD’s are popular towing vehicles because they are heavier than the load they tow.

* Their gearing and drive train also suits towing.

* The design profile of many 4WD’s places the towbar close to the rear axle which helps stability.

* Many 4WD’s have light truck suspensions and axle load limits.

* So while the choice of the Ranger 4x2 is a step away from the GSA comfort zone the decision is based in extensive towing experience

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